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Queen Bee Milk Bath Soak

Allyn's Soap Co

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Experience a luxurious, spa-like soak with Queen Bee Milk Bath Soak. Enriched with Goat Milk and Coconut Oil, this bath soak will soften and nourish your skin with creamy goodness. Enjoy the sweet aromas of Salted Honey Vanilla while you relax in a restorative bath. The fragrance notes of Salt, Sweet Honey and True Vanilla offer an indulgent and exclusive escape.

Smells like: Salted Honey Vanilla

Fragrance notes: Salt, sweet honey, true vanilla

Our Foaming Milk Bath Soak is a special blend of goat milk, baking soda, coconut oil with tapioca that will leave your skin nourished and moisturized with a silky soft feel

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Goats Milk, Citric Acid, Pink Sea Salt, Tapioca Powder, Coconut Oil, Polysorbate 20, SLSA, Fragrance